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Varmematten som gjør gravearbeidet om vinteren litt enklere

With winter’s frost and cold also come work challenges. There is little that is more frustrating than having to postpone construction and excavation projects due to telecommuting. Or coming to work after a frosty night to find that the work equipment is simply stuck in the ground. This not only affects the desire to work, but also efficiency and delivery time.

If the schedule breaks on part of a project, this will often cause a delay for the entire project. Then it is good that it is possible to thaw both ground and equipment using heating mats.
The use of the heating mats is simple. You place the mat over the area you want to defrost, and turn on the electricity. The heating mat is designed in such a way that the heat is led down into the area under the mat, and this results in as little energy loss as possible.

  • Power per m2 is 300W, and the total power is 1000W
  • The size is 3×1 meter and the heating mat is 20mm thick.
  • The material is PVC, reinforced with polyester mesh. This can withstand a lot.
  • The heating mat can be used down to -30 degrees and up to +65 degrees. To prevent overheating, it has an overheating protection of +80 degrees.

The heating mat can be used to thaw tele or keep the frost away from small and large digging projects. By placing several mats next to each other during a project, you can keep the ground in a larger area soft for a longer period of time. This even though it is mid-winter. A steady low temperature is often more than enough to ensure that such projects do not have to be shelved during the winter season.

It is not only construction projects that benefit from heating mats. These heating mats can also make the everyday life of any farm much easier. Not least if you keep animals.

The cost of maintaining uniform heat in larger warehouses with animal feed – or indoor storage of hay bales can be very high and not least space-consuming. By centralizing the heat in smaller areas, you can save a lot in space and electricity costs.

Our heating mats can be rolled up and stored – and easily taken out again when the need arises. If you do not need it for more than a few days/weeks during the winter, we have made it possible to rent the heating mats you may need.

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